Web 3.0 Wellness APP – Some Digital Health Platforms That Reward Users with Cryptocurrency

1.Web 3.0 Wellness APP

Web 3.0 Wellness APP – The new third generation of internet service is web 3.0 for the internet services about websites and applications it will focus on using the machine-based understanding of data-driven and the semantic web. The actual goal of web 3. o is to create more intelligence, to connect and open the websites.

Web 3.0 Wellness APP helps you in staying fit by giving you great rewards. We know everyone likes a little treat. Rewards thorough a robust technology solutions is what our aim is. As we all know Cryptocurrency is Money 2.0, and it has the power to change the world. We want to Reinvent Global health economy with mobile health and block chain technology.

We Web 3.0 Wellness APP have launched a coin JW token, which will empower wellness worldwide through block chain. We are the FIRST Web 3.0 Wellness community with AI and Block chain.

A web 3.0 is not completely implemented yet, so we can’t describe the full definition. It can take over 10 years for the transition from the original web, web 1.0 to web 2.0, also it is expected to take just as long, if not longer to implement fully and reshape the web in web 3.0. Moreover, in terms of technologies, some peoples believe in going to design and exclusively define the web 3.0 is being currently developed. Smart home appliances using wireless networking and the internet of things IOTs are the two examples of that how good impact is created by the web 3.0 technology.

2. Health Wizz

A Health Wizz gives the facilities to users in sharing their health records with other pharma companies and researchers. In exchange for this, they earn electronic currency. The company developed a mobile app that helps the patients to handle their medical records, secure their data, and also distribute it to relevant organizations or authorities. Users aggregate the data from multiple sources, including wearable technologies, genetic data, laboratory results, and EHRs. They can participate in different trials and earn Om Coins (OMC) as incentives. The Om Coins can be used as a payment mode for exclusive personalized pharmaceutical medicines, medical-related services, and also other gym memberships.

3. Embleema

This company is compensating the patients who share their medical histories and data with researchers. The Embleema tokens are the method of payment of this company. These platforms help the PatientTruth allows the users to share their data with healthcare providers and researchers also.

4. Lympo

A Lympo is a fitness-based platform that rewards users to based on their healthy behaviours. They are doing this via cryptocurrency known as the LYM token. It is a Lithuanian startup that has its own Lympo platform, where the tokens can be exchanged as the payment of goods and services. these tokens can also be utilized on Lympo crowdfunding platforms that are mainly combined with data-driven companies. moreover, the former Estonian Prime Minister, Taavi Roivas, is the chairman of this company’s board. A Lympo app is also available for Android devices.

5. Gymrewards

This app helps the users in cryptocurrency mining and tokens with bodies. It served the use of a wearable that tracks the total calories burned and heart rate. you can mine this as GYM currency.

6 Sweatcoin

Sweatcoins can be exchanged with goods and services, including shoes, yoga classes, and Apple watches. The platform allows users to donate their coins to charities of their own choice.

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